2020 Census -Why It Matters

Great information I found in the AARP Bulletin regarding the 2020 Census and Why It Matters. It will be important that everyone participates and here is why:  Participating in the 2020 Census means getting counted to determine how much federal funding comes into our community. Funding for  schools, roads and hospitals, programs for aiding older Americans like Medicare Part B, and how congressional representation is determined, says AARP National Volunteer President Catherine Alicia Georges.

Therefore, the process of the 2020 Census and Why It Matters, will be between March 12 and 20. The majority of the households will receive a postcard invitation to respond online to the 2020 census. Those who don’t answer will then receive the traditional paper form in the mail.  If a household still does not respond, the bureau will send a census take to knock on that door to collect the household’s data.  So here we go, beware of scammers knocking on your door for information. The real census employees won’t ask for your full Social Security number, for money or donations, or for bank or credit card numbers. They will be wearing valid identification badge with his or her photograph, a Department of Commerce watermark and an expiration date. If you suspect fraud, call the Census Bureau at 800-923-8282 to speak to a representative.

In addition, The government expects a dramatic rise in the number of older Americans counted. By 2020, 16 percent of the population will  grow from 13 percent to 55 million projected growth. By 2050 65-plus will make up 20 percent of the population.  For the  older Americans the 2020 Census will be used over the coming decade to decide where to place parks, roads and hospitals. It will determine funding for community projects that benefit people of all ages, including mass transit, which helps many people remain in their homes longer.

Take the time to do the census – it will help your communities.