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Do you know that you have more money than you may even know right under your feet and over your head?

Some of you may already know where I am going with this, and talking about since I am a real estate broker and not especially a writer. I want you to realize that there are many and I mean many people who wish they have what you have – “A Giant Windfall” definition of windfall:(unexpected good fortune, involves receiving a large amount of money.)

I am talking about the Giant Windfall of equity in your home. As you may know, prices of homes in Washington and throughout the county have soared beyond your imagination if you have lived in your home for 30, 40 years or more. You may not realize what you have. Unlike any real estate market that I have seen in my 27 years as a real estate broker. Because of the demand for housing buyers are standing in line to buy your home.

Tax exemption – old law $125,000 exemption years ago one time exemption – does not exist any longer. The good news is the IRS allows a homeowner to exempt $250,000 in capital gains for an individual and $500,000 in gains for a married couple. You just need to live in the primary residence for 2 of the last 5 years. Check out the IRS publication IRS.Gov #523 called Selling Your Home.

How Can You Use Your Equity Windfall

  1. Sell your home for top dollar and invest in a smaller home for less up-keep
  2. Do an equity line of credit to purchase a home before you sell (Call me with questions)
  3. Sell your home and use the funds to buy that RV you always wanted to travel the country.
  4. Sell your home and invest the funds (consult with your CPA/financial advisor)
  5. Sell your home and move into a Retirement community with activities, everything provided for you some with meals and monthly rent. No more maintenance – social enjoyment.
  6. Sell your home and buy where you are closer to family, warmer weather.
  7. Sell your home and purchase another in a 55+ community.
  8. Sell your home and rent an apartment while you travel.
  9. Sell your home and move in with relatives – just kidding.
  10. Call me if you have questions to the above.

The above is just a few ways to use your giant windfall. Some of you may be setting on hundreds of thousand of dollars if not millions$$.

Have you heard the phrase, “Life is short – eat the chocolate, buy the shoes.” What have you missed out doing that you wished you would of, could of, should of done? Are you saving your sale of your home for your kids, loved ones -nothing wrong with that – but what about you? It’s never too late, and guess what – you have a giant windfall to do it all with – just take the step give me a call or email to get started – my consult is FREE!

Thank you for reading.

Debbie Ruvo, Realtor/Broker, Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Seller Residential Specialist (SRS)

My company 55+ Real Estate Services, specializes in assisting with downsizing, relocation, transitioning from the family home and providing resources for your next home what ever or where ever that may be. We simplify the moving experience once you hire us to prepare your home for sale with professionals who will do Estate sales for you, movers/packers, decluttering, junk haulers, house cleaners and so much more. We put it altogether for you based on your needs – so what are you waiting for – call me today at 253.370.1947 or email me at