Alexa for Seniors

Alexa for Seniors. Our son bought us one for Christmas, and I thought would I really use it.  I use it now for the weather report, general questions, lists and more. We have the Echo dot, but there are other devices as well. These gadgets can do so much more like turn on lights, the microwave, play games, reminder for appointments and more. I also like it to play a certain song or station.  I tried to trick Alexa a few times, but she is pretty smart and seems to know – Ha!  I haven’t tried yet, but I understand she can even locate your lost cell phone – you just have to set up the Find My Phone and activate it.  So kids (adult children) buy one for mom and dad and maybe grandma – Christmas is just around the corner and they are not that expensive.

Just think, Alexa for Seniors you can have reminders to take medication as well, doctor appointments, birthdays. Remember the song In the Year 2525 if Man Is Still Alive – I don’t remember who wrote the song but how did he know so far in advance about technology – just amazing – Ask Alexa to play the song!