Home Energy Savings


Now, more than ever we should be looking at Home Energy Savings. With the rising energy costs and inflation, increase in taxes, rents, food costs and gas for our cars finding ways to keep more money in our pockets is a good thing. Puget Sound Energy offers many home energy savings tips for both electric and gas users. They offer a 3 step process to measure, control and understand your home energy saving usage of energy. You will learn how to save, monitor and assess you energy usage. Check it out at: https://www.pse.com/rebates/home-energy-assessment

Another source is Green power a renewable power. It’s power made from resources that are naturally replenishing like sunlight, flowing streams and cool breezes. It’s also made from biogas, a by-product of modern living commonly released at dairy farms and landfills. These resources will not run out. They also have dramatically lower pollution rates than fossil fuels. Another way to save is to purchase a new home built for saving energy such as windows, thermostats that are automated, solar power and so much more. Contact me for more information in buying or selling a home.