Value in Your Garage

For most homeowners the garage is a place to put things that you don’t know what to do with, or a holding place until the kids come and take it away or uncle Herb.  Whatever the reason, when selling your home there  is value in your garage.  Keeping it neat and tidy is not easy, but by doing so will also help keep rodents and insects out and help you be more organized.  Have you ever gone looking for that screw driver, or measuring tape and thought you put it in one place in the garage and discover you can’t find it anywhere?

Start with getting organized, you can invest in shelving, storage totes, and even peg board to hang tools.  Decide what you are going to keep and what you will store. You can mark your bins or shelving such as Christmas decorations, garden tools etc., extension cords can be hung from a hook and out of the way. Put what you don’t want in a pile to take to charity or keep for the community garage sale.  You will be so glad you did.  Invest in a locking cabinet for hazardous liquids or lawn fertilizer to keep from pets and small children.

I had heard that thieves like to break in to parked cars because they can get your address from your registration you keep in your glove compartment and then take your opener if you have an attached garage – they then have access to your home too.  It may be wise to have the interior door to your home locked as well.

By having your garage in order, even if you are preparing to move – stacking boxes in the garage neatly and leaving walking space shows the buyers you are organized and they know you are moving anyway.  Even better – you can rent a temporary storage until you move – make the garage look more spacious.

So now you know what you should do – just think the neighbors won’t see your messy garage anymore and maybe you will start something in the neighborhood!