We Are Essential in the Real Estate Industry

We are essential in the real estate industry during the COVID – 19 (Coronavirus). Helping people find that perfect home with purchasing a new home, condo, as well as  assisting families and their loved ones  moving from the family home to senior living, assisted living or memory care.  New construction is now back to work with workers using safety and special requirements for all workers.  Real Estate Brokers can show homes by appointment only, no Open Houses , no more than two people including the Broker in the home at any one time; social distancing to be six feet apart at all times.  Masks and gloves as not yet required but may be a good idea for the customer and the broker showing the homes.  Most buyers can view homes on-line with a virtual tour, still photos or video.

Lenders are still taking applications for loans.  Not all lenders or mortgage companies are created equal.  Some are focusing on re-financing especially the larger lenders.  Be sure to talk with your Realtor about recommendations for a lender and shop around for rates and fees.  Using a out-of-state lender is not a good idea, be sure to use a local lender and one that is experienced in doing loans and returns your calls.

Home Sales – You would think with so many people out of work that the home sales would be slower or not at all.  Some homes will always have to be sold, and some buyers will always have to buy. If you think about it this way – sometimes health reasons a person may need to move and the funds from the sale of the home provides for their care, death in the family creates a reason to sell, divorce can trigger a home sale as well.  Escrow companies are providing single appointments, or notaries for signing.  Everyone is working through this shut-down.

Pierce County for the month of April 1-30th – Active listings in all of Pierce County is 464

Solds in all of Pierce County 843 – single family homes

Condominiums – Active – 41  solds – 62

My heart goes out to those alone in a home or senior living.  No visitors are allowed at most of the senior livings or with one person a day to visit.

My one client who is selling their home and is already in  a senior living community with no visitors allowed, made it difficult to have paperwork signed.  Thank goodness he was on the first floor with a window that I could go to outside, while the administrator was good enough to take the paperwork to him to sign as I guided through the window.  You can see me as peeping Debbie with my blue gloves on also a mask that you can’t see from that angle.

Whatever it takes – I am there!



Are you thinking of selling or buyer?  Rates are soooo low – if you are doing a loan to buy and buyers are out there looking. Some still selling in days with multiple offers.

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