Why Should I Sell My Home This Holiday Season?

Why Should I Sell My Home This Holiday Season?Image result for clip art homes


I hear most of the time, “No one is looking at homes during the holidays.”  They would be wrong!  Many people consider the holiday season the worst time to sell their home, it’s the time of year when homeowners have family in, putting up decorations and planning vacations. However, listing a home during the holidays can be extremely advantageous to homeowners, and it does’t have to ruin the holiday cheer. Here are a few reasons to keep your home on the market or to list your home during the holidays and winter months:

  1.  Less inventory – limited choices, homeowners could have a higher asking price and/or bidding war
  2.  Tax write off for the current year if sold and closed – many people are looking for that write off
  3.  Job transfer – people moving into the state for their new job starting at the beginning of the new year
  4.  Motivated buyers – if buyers are out looking at homes during the holidays – there is a reason – maybe sold their home and need a home quickly
  5.  Control the showings – you can let your Realtor know certain days and times for showings that work with your schedule
  6.  Your home is vacant and you have already moved out – still paying the utility bills and maintenance
  7.  Staging your home with holiday decorations – makes it look inviting and warm
  8.  Low interest rates on a mortgage
  9.  Moving companies are slower and you normally can pick your schedule to move
  10.  Hire a reliable Realtor to provide you with suggestions and negotiate your sale

I hope this helps with your decision to list your home for sale during the winter months or not – whatever you decide, be sure to consult with a Realtor with experience and knowledge of the market. Happy holidays – Merry Christmas – Happy New Year!