Your Homebuying Team

Although you and I will be working side by side throughout the entire transaction, there are a number of other members of your homebuying team! Here is an overview of some of the different team members and their role: 


Debbie Ruvo-Broker
I will educate you about the market you are buying in to help you develop your homebuying strategy. We will discuss your homebuying wants and needs, then search for homes that meet that criteria. I will assist you in making a strong offer that takes your needs and bottom line into account and then negotiate on your behalf. I will pour over the contract, making sure all details are in order and solve challenges that arise during the transaction.

You are able to choose the inspector who will be conducting the inspection on your home. You want to find someone who is thorough, provides you with a written report and photos, charges market rate, and who can be scheduled within a few days of your offer. 

Getting pre-approved with a lender is one of the most important steps you can take to make yourself buyer-ready. The lender you choose should have a reputation for being a problem-solver and for getting the transaction to close.  

Although the appraiser will be assigned by the lender, doing a great job of choosing your lender is a good indicator of the strength of the appraiser in terms of getting the job done in a timely manner and utilizing great local data to make sure your investment is a sound one.

Escrow makes sure that all the documentation is correct, timelines are met, and all the details are adhered to in the transaction. They will also make sure all parties sign the correct forms and that all monies are distributed correctly. In our market, the buyer usually requests the escrow company in the purchase and sale agreement.

Title will review the property history, verify legal description matches what is being sold, make sure the seller has the right to sell the property, identify other possible lien holders, identify easements, codes, covenants and restrictions, and more. You want to make sure the title company has a reputation for identifying all potential problems


The more team members you can secure up front, the better. Often, once you make an offer, things can get fast and furious in a hurry. During the transaction is not when you want to be checking online reviews of an inspector and hoping for the best. Do your vetting up front.

I have several great candidates for all these categories and would be happy to help you find team members to meet your needs. 


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